Nov 15, 2023

2024 Social Marketing Trends: How Audiences Use Social to Learn About Healthcare

Social media isn’t just a place to check up with friends or see cute pictures of pets. It’s a hub for information, both formal and informal. Since people use social media to learn and share information, it’s a valuable space for marketers to connect with audiences.Reach audiences when they’re actively looking for information to organically form a connection between their need and your product or service. But to do that, you’ll need to stay updated with how your audiences use social media to learn about and engage with healthcare resources.

The Role Social Media Plays for HCP & Patient Audiences

Research shows that audiences use social media to discuss and learn about healthcare with one of these main goals in mind:

  • Research: The most common use of social media for healthcare is seeking and sharing health information. Social media helps audiences learn about health issues, how to live a healthy lifestyle, verify health information, etc. It’s a primary source that connects audiences directly with stories and information that speak to them. This makes it an ideal avenue to reach potential patients, healthcare providers, industry stakeholders, and more.

  • Connection: Seeking social and emotional support are two other main reasons people use social media. Social media communities are also powerful sources of information about treatment experiences, different treatment options, etc.

  • Actionable Next Steps: Users can track and share updates about their health to connect with others and cope with health concerns. These shared experiences can act as pointers that direct audiences to new treatments or lifestyle changes.

Social Habits Healthcare Marketers Should Know About

New Platforms

While Facebook remains the most popular social media platform based on active users, it’s got some new competition. Emerging platforms like TikTok have now taken center stage, racking up enough regular users to shake up how healthcare marketers select appropriate channels for various media planning strategies.Similarly, marketers need to keep up with new platforms that are likely to change user behavior on other apps. For instance, in response to Twitter’s shift to X, Meta has released a new platform, Threads, to compete. Responding to this may not only mean moving away from Twitter, but also understanding why audiences turn to new platforms: which goal are they trying to achieve?Going into 2024, the most popular social platforms based on monthly active users include:

  1. Facebook – 3.0 billion

  2. Youtube – 2.49 billion

  3. WhatsApp – 2.0 billion

  4. Instagram – 2.0 billion

  5. WeChat – 1.3 billion

  6. TikTok – 1.22 billion

New Expectations

With social media comes boundless opportunities for connection and the sharing of information. But that also means rising expectations from audiences. A whopping 81% of individuals believe social media has raised the bar for business accountability. In other words, many believe that social media is key in keeping businesses accountable to audiences.It’s important that any social media presence – whether it be a social media account, paid advertisements, content creation, etc. – be based on transparency and, above all else, connection with your audiences.

Why Changes in Social Matter for Healthcare Marketing

Adjusting your media and brand planning strategies to keep up with changing social habits is a key part of staying afloat in a marketing sphere dominated by digital channels.Social media is easily one of the biggest tools marketers have when attempting to connect with individual audiences. And personal connections lead to tangible results. Engagement with your media generates leads, creates a strong brand reputation, and ultimately helps you reach the people who can benefit from your offerings the most.OpenHuddle understands that social habits, like people themselves, are constantly changing. Staying updated on what’s new and what’s to come is a necessary part of maximizing your reach on social, now and well into the future.


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